Morris Home Dedication Ceremony — Update

The Morris home was completed and the keys were presented to them on August 2nd. Here's a short highlight video illustrating the journey — enjoy.

"Today is a day of joy," said Habitat President, Judy Crisp."

Today those of us who have worked on the house and helped with it have a be able to see the mission of habitat come to fulfillment as the Morris family will get the keys to their home today." After a long, challenging, and complicated year, the home for the Morris family is finally completed. “This is what it’s all about,” Habitat President Judy Crisp said. “To get to experience someone having a home that they can enjoy, we’re just so excited.”

The Morris family is equally as excited to move in. Demany and Fredrika are really looking forward to having their own home and a modern kitchen with brand new appliances. The three Morris children, Zachariah, Zoey, and Zayden are just thrilled to have their own rooms and not have to share one bathroom.

Also present at the dedication were friends and family members of the Morris', Habitat Executive Director - Mike Blackmon, Erwin Mayor - Patsy Carson, Commissioners - Billy Turnage and Alvester McKoy, Harnett County County Commissioner - Mark Johnson, and several Habitat Board Members.

"I’m so glad it’s finally over," Fredrika said. "I can’t wait to start moving in. The virus slowed us down because we couldn't (have) many volunteers. I didn’t think we’d be able to finish with the virus and everything. It was just me pushing my friends and family to come out here and help me."

Habitat for Humanity Harnett County is eager to start another project in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates. Contact us for more information.